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Ride of a lifetime

One of the troubles with getting old is that you have more time to experience hurt, suffering, loss and pain.

Likewise, the longer you hang around the more likely you are to experience blessings, joys, opportunities and pleasure.

There are some things worse than dying and times when dying has a certain appeal. Nonetheless, a day filled with hope is a day worth living, a day worth fighting for.

The future awaits us regardless of the path that leads us home.

The life we live comes one breath, one minute and one day at a time.

We all die and while we question when that day may come, perhaps rather than wonder, our focus should be on whether we have really lived at all during the time we have had.

Let’s agree to make the most of it, to spur one another on, lift each other up, stand in the gap and live life together to the fullest.

I want to cheat life rather than be cheated by life. I want to grab all I can and capture the memories of a life well lived. A life worn out not rusted through. Life abundant and filled with shared experiences and adventures.

I want to look back and wonder how I survived everything life brought my way. And then, when my day comes, I want to step into eternity with great expectations of more to come. Greater thrills, less spills and a lot of friends ready to party. Come on, lets go get it together!

I can’t promise what tomorrow might bring but I can promise, if I live to see it, I am going to take in as much as I can hold onto and grab more than my share.

Life is scary but then again, most of the best rides at the amusement park are too. Since when has that stopped you? Buckle up! The good stuff is just around the bend on this ride of a lifetime!


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