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Rolling old

My friend Josephat Ngaira leads TAK Water in Kenya. He is my senior but he once challenged me when he said he never plans to retire but to re-tire again and again in his service to the Lord.

Today I was reminded of Ngaira’s perspective as I read in the book of Joshua where Joshua was GROWING old, yet the Lord let him know there was plenty of work to be down. Later, at the close of the the book it says Joshua was VERY OLD, yet even still he was still leading the charge! It is fair to say Joshua never sat out but rather he gave out giving his all when he died at the ripe old age of 110!

Surely he thought of retirement but like Ngaira, he re-tired on his journey with God over and over again. 

I take inspiration from my friend Ngaira. Perhaps Joshua was inspired by his comrade Caleb when he said to Joshua, “Today I am eighty-five years old. I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then.”

Caleb went on to prove it by conquering several more territories! The key to his success, and that of Joshua, was in the phrase: “He wholeheartedly followed the Lord.”

Age is relative. Age is a mindset. Age is an opportunity to lead to the very end.

Yes, I am GROWING old. Aren’t we all? No, I am not VERY OLD, as of yet. I simply pray that like Ngaira, Joshua and Caleb, I re-tire again and again in my wholehearted service to the Lord!

 It is time to retread and move ahead! Let’s roll old together! 



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