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Show the way

Are you willing to listen?

What I am about to say is radical, counter intuitive and counter culture, most of all.

Maybe you have heard these words before but never knew the source.

Perhaps, now more than ever, in times like these, the words of Jesus lead the way to better days.

“Love your enemies.”

“Do good to those who hate.”

“Bless those who curse.”

“Pray for those who hurt.”

“Give to those who ask.”

“Treat others like you want to be treated.”

If you are like me, these ideas and ways of Jesus are a bit hard to swallow. I’m more inclined to bare arms and raise a fist than to offer a hug and an ear of understanding.

Do these suggestions sound weak?

Try to implement them and you will soon discover, they are anything but soft. They are hard to accomplish and require incredible self control.

To take such a stand is no sign of weakness. It is rather a sign of strength. To do so is as if to say to those whose motives are harmful, “Is that all you’ve got? Here, try the other cheek! Bring it.”

When you act and respond in ways of kindness, you are in fact a demonstrator, a protester of hate and a proclaimer of love. You are not a rioter but a revolutionist. You stand for what is good, right and loving. You are acting as a child of God.

Rather than bite back, one up or prove your point, love is to be our only response and responsibility. The truth can and must be expressed in love.

Love is not weak. Love is the strongest of adhesives. When all else fails, love prevails.

Hate won’t hold. Hate won’t last. Hate will burn out. Hate will lose.

Why commit to a loving way? Because He taught us to be kind to those who are unthankful and wicked. Like Him we are called to be compassionate, even to those who hate.

Certainly, there are things the Lord hates. He hates certain actions but always loves the actors. He hates all sin but always loves sinners.

He hates it when we hate others, including our enemies. He loves it when we love those who hate us.

Why? Because without love nothing will change. Love is the breakthrough. Love is the strategy. Love will win the day. Love will find a way, not hate.

We must find and follow the way of love. It won’t be easy but it is the only way we will ever survive and stay alive.

Give some thought to this approach the next time you respond to a post, upload a thought or open your mouth in a discussion with someone who doesn’t share your perspective.

Remember, love will show the way, not hate!

This song by David Wilcox gives me hope.





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