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Still Standing

Do you ever feel like your life is coming apart at the seams?

The life you worked so hard to build is literally falling to pieces?

Are you desperate for a breakthrough before you breakdown?

Are you crumbling and on the verge of caving in?

The struggle is real. The pressure mounting and the solutions are thin.

I recently heard a friend  say, “Worry works because nearly everything I worry about doesn’t come true.”

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true. I get all worked up, fretting, fearing, fussing and fumbling about but somehow I make it through. 

Sometimes hope comes through a friend, a song, a verse, a movie, a thought, a circumstance or even a mistake. But it is there. That small little twinkle in the darkest of places. Hope seems certain to succumb to insurmountable odds but somehow, hope shines through. Not always, but like my friend said, “most of the time.”

On days like these, I take a deep breath, say a little prayer and ask for the strength to take another step as a work to rebuild the house I call life. It may have leaks, wobbly walls and in need of paint but it is mine. It is still standing and on days like today, that’s a pretty good place to be, still standing! 




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