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Stuck in a rut?

Some people never learn.

We do the same things over and over and somehow expect different results.

Is it time for you to graduate from a life lesson that keeps being taught but never learned?

Do you know better but just can’t seem to do better?

We all have tendencies that lead to actions that have consequences that become reality.

Ask any chainsmoker why they can’t breathe, any alcoholic why they can’t stop drinking, any porn addict why they can’t stop looking at the flat screen or any obese person why they can’t stop eating. The choices they made led them to where they are.

For certain many, and probably most, were victims. But there is only one way victims get victory over their past.

Why do people change?

Some will say pain changes people. Do you know someone who seems to wallow in it? Pain is a great motivator for many but not all.

Others say seeing your potential brings about change. Do you know anyone who has great potential but blows it time and time again?

Prosperity is what many will point to as the change agent that motivates. Do you know anyone who has made it financially only to discover it just makes funding their bad habits easier?

There is really only one reason people change, they want to.

Nobody changes until they decide they have had enough of the rut they are in.

A rut has been described as a grave with the ends knocked out. Let’s be honest, there are times when life is a ditch!

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you among the walking dead? Have you failed to keep your life between the ditches?

What is it going to take? Tragedy? Loss? Poverty? Pain? What is going to motivate you to change. It has to be you!

It was suppose to take the children of Israel 11 days to complete their journey to the promised land. It took them 40 years! Not 11 days but 14,600 days! UNREAL!

How long have you been saying you need to make a change? You never will until you decide it’s time.

You may want to, others may want you to and we certainly know God wants you to but one thing stands in the way of you making the change, YOU!

You can find an excuse or you can find a way.

What promise are you missing out on because you simply won’t  make the change?

What relationships are less than the best simply because you are too bullheaded or proud to change?

What life goals remain good intentions instead of reality?

Is it time to graduate?

There is no cheat sheet or shortcut to where you want to be.

It takes effort, desire, drive and encouragement to make it happen. It takes you.

You can stay where you are and in about 40 years you will realize you wasted half of your life. At that point, it might be too late to recover.

You can wait and see or you can get going and graduate from your past.

It is time to rise above the rut!

Here are a few tips that might help you make the change.

1. Admit where you are and that ultimately you have no one to blame but you. Others may have played a role in your setback, but it is you, not them, that is going to move your life forward.

2. Decide and define where you want to be. Write it down. Gain clarity.

3. Develop a strategy. Get input from others. Ask God for help.

4. Take the first step. Start. Get moving and don’t look back. No excuses.

5. Realize no one gets to where they want to be all by themselves. God’s smallest team is two. There were two in the garden. Two on Noah’s boat and Jesus sent them out in two’s. A strand of three cords is the strongest. You + Me + God = Change. You can because we can when we go together. You need the accountability, camaraderie and encouragement that only a band of brothers can bring to the party.

This is not rah, rah. This is reality. You can sit there and think about it or you can put down the potato chip bag and start moving toward the you, you were meant to be!

(Inspired by Deuteronomy 1:1-4)




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