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“Such and Such” or So and So”?

Do “such and such” or do “so and so”?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. According to some sources, the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day. That is 2,000 decisions an hour!

This includes things like:

When to get up?

What to wear?

When or if to shower?

What to eat?

Turn left?

Turn right?

Speed up?

Slow down?

Say hello?

Be kind?




Take a nap?

The need to make decisions adds up quick! Our brains are constantly in decision mode.

If we are truly making 2,000 decisions an hour, what percentage of those decisions are good, right and best?

Most of our everyday decisions are less critical. But the choices we make add up over time. This can be good or bad. Sometimes we know the outcome of our decisions in an instance. Some of the results of our choices aren’t revealed for a lifetime.

How do you make decisions? I believe there are at least three ways to consider what is best.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being very confident, ask yourself:

1. What does my GUT say about this decision?

2. What does GOD say about this decision?

3. What do OTHERS say about this decision?

Rate each category from 1-10. Add those numbers up and divide by three to get the average. If the average is greater than eight, then you are probably on the right track.

If your average is less that eight then you might need to wait and gain more insight or look for a better solution.

Beware of too much self talk and people pleasing in the process. Be honest with yourself and once you make your decision, stick with it and give it time to reach its potential. You will know pretty soon if adjustments are needed.

There is a great passage in the ancient scriptures that demonstrate the importance of getting the right advice.

Absalom was seeking to overthrow his father’s dynasty. He received good advice from a bad person and bad advice from a good person. Talk about confusing! One adviser said, “such and such” and the other adviser said, “so and so”.

Don’t get caught in the paralysis of analysis. Trust yourself. Learn to discern! Be selective when it comes to the voices you allow inside your head.

Eventually you will need to move from discussion mode to decision mode. Second guessing yourself will only slow you down. Make up your mind and go for it.

Whether you decide to do “such and such” or to do “so and so” the decision you make is ultimately one you will have to live with. It will be one of the more than two million decisions you make in your life. Some will have little to no significance but there are those decisions that warrant a closer look and greater consideration.

Choices matter. Learning to live with the choices we make can bring great satisfaction or lingering regret. Which you decide is up to you!

(Inspired by 2 Samuel 17)


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