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Robbed by a sucker-punch?

Being robbed of possessions is a real bummer but being robbed of your life, loved ones, friendships, hopes, dreams and happiness takes the bottom to an all time low. 

Coming out of the daze as your world is spinning out of control you soon realize, you weren’t just robbed, you were sucker-punched!

So this is it? TKO? This is as good as it gets? Maybe, unless you decide to dig deep, grab hold of your faith and take your life back.

You can sit there, lick your wounds, wonder why, cry about it, seek revenge, boil in rage or you can take control and let it go and rebuild. 

There is power in hitting reset no matter how bad you’ve been robbed or how hard you’ve been sucker-punched. 

The race doesn’t always go to the swift, nor the victory to the strongest warrior but if you are still standing and drawing air into those lungs, you aren’t finished yet. You may not know which round you are in but one thing is for sure, there is more to come and your name will be on the ticket to the title fight.

Don’t give up. Rise above it. Grab hold of those boots straps. Look the robbers in the face and challenge them to another bout.

With the Lord at your side and a friend who sticks with you closer than a brother, you are a force to be reckoned with. 

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Did you catch that order? He steals first and then seeks to kill and destroy. You’re still breathing. You aren’t down for the count. He may have stolen from you and slid in a nasty sucker-punch but little does he know he has awakened a mighty warrior stoked and ready for the comeback of the century!

Be humble. Work hard. Pray daily. Seek the Lord and you will soon find yourself among those who have lived to tell about the agony of defeat but even more so, the sweet taste of victory. 
Victims no more! Press on in the Lord!


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