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The 3 m.p.h. Jesus

Jesus was a walker not a runner. Why?

He was never in a hurry. He was never late. He was always at the right place right on time.

The disciples were always trying to get Jesus to hurry up or go one way or another. Jesus stayed the course and kept the pace.

Jesus built margin into his day. For sure he had plenty of things to do, people to see, places to be and projects to complete. But if Jesus did anything, he proved people were more important to him than any project or place of importance.

Walking, not running, not only allowed Jesus to stop and smell the roses, that he had created, but it also provided him time to not just see but to also notice.

What did he notice? Little children, hurting people, disreputable sinners and scum bags. He loved them all and challenged them to listen, learn and lead others to do the same. His invitation was always on point, come follow me and be my disciple.

It wasn’t an invitation to the fast track or the limelight. No, it was a call to serve and give your life away in care, concern and compassion for others.

Some refer to Jesus as the three m.p.h. God. Jesus wasn’t in a hurry. He knew that slowing down and opening your life and time up to those around you would bring huge rewards and garner eternal results.

What gear are you running in? Or should I say, walking in? We live in such a fast paced world heading to nowhere fast. Everything is built on speed but rarely on meeting the needs of those we blow right by.

Consider reigning in the gallop and start noticing those the Lord brings your way. Don’t be surprised if your life isn’t interrupted by rich conversation and sprinkled with much deeper meaning and purpose. The project will wait but the people will otherwise be passed by.

As you go throughout your day, remove the goggles, back off the throttle and set a pace that allows you not only to see but to notice the people the Lord brings your way today.

(Inspired by Matthew 9:9-13)



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