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The color of love 

Does skin color define a person?

Are all white people the same?

Are all shades of brown alike?

What about red heads? Or blue eyes? Do those physical traits define who a person is?

Did God make us different colors to define and divide or to help us appreciate diversity?

Too much of the same thing is boring.
Different is intriguing but not defining.

Different is diverse but not defining.
Different is in the details but not defining.

Different is fun.

Different is the spice of life.

Different is who we are but not what we are.

We are brothers from a different mother but our blood bleeds red.

Since Cain and Abel we have been shedding brotherly blood, not brotherly love, way too much.

What matters is love for one another.

Love is color blind.

Color is a state of mind that must not define or divide.

What color are you, inside?

It’s what is under the skin that defines you.

Let’s get below the surface.

It’s about character not color.
Let’s walk to the beat of a different drummer.

Let’s lock arms and walk together with hearts that beat as one people, irregardless of skin color.

The things we choose define us.

We can’t choose our skin color but we can choose love.

May the color of love be what defines us inside and out.


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