The forgotten text.

The forgotten text.

Most of us have done it; the text you typed but never sent.

You waited. You wondered. You fretted, pondered and got frustrated. Why haven’t they replied? Are they ignoring me? Did I offend them? What is taking so long?

Having enough, you decide to give it another try. And then you make the discovering. There it sat. Perfectly typed, thought out and crafted. There is only one problem. The text was never sent!

Then it dawns on you. Yes, the text was never sent but how many encouraging words were never spoken? Messages never left? Flowers never delivered? Apologies never made? Hugs left unextended? Love never expressed?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you haven’t heard back from someone? Maybe the text was never delivered or perhaps there are a few other open-ended expressions left undone.

There is no better time than the present than to look back, reach out and touch somebody you love!


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