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The Happy Meal

Imagine you are at a remote conference in the mountains with more than 5,000 other attendees.

The keynote speaker goes longer than expected and the next thing you know it’s dinner time but all the restaurants are closed. It’s looking like somebody is about to go to bed hungry!

Then you happen to overhear the speaker tell the event cordinator to have everyone cool their jets, sit down and get ready for a Happy Meal.

A Happy Meal? Yes, a Happy Meal. If you are hungry, it’s after dark and a 10 mile walk back to town where everything is closed and someone offers you dinner, that is definitely a Happy Meal.

This isn’t exactly what happens when Jesus feeds the 5,000 but it sure sounds close!

At the end of a long day with more than 5,000 in attendance, the people needed to be fed but there were few provisions.

Seeing the need, Jesus called on his apprentices to feed the people. Their response to the idea was priceless, “Uhh, Jesus, that’s a lot of Happy Meals. We forgot to call the caterer. This crowd is huge and we only have a couple of fish and five loaves of bread.”

Jesus’ response? “Great! Let’s eat.” The rest is history. Everyone had all they could put down and then some. Twelve baskets of leftovers was the outcome.

It’s not everyday that Jesus pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Yes, there are times when there are more bills than money at the end of the month. But it is times like these, that Jesus was made for.

No Jesus isn’t president of the money tree and he is not a super hero that always sweeps down to rescue us from reckless living and poor financial decisions. But he is Jesus. We should never under estimate what he might do.

More times than not it’s not about the number of fish but the size of our faith. We tend to have a scarcity mentality and Jesus wants to scale. He sees an opportunity to take what we’ve got and turn it into more than we could ever imagine.

Jesus didn’t grow a movement based on prosperity or poverty, Yes, he did have a treasurer on his team but he lived on the road using a rock as a pillow. Jesus built his life on the promises of God.

He called on us to seek the Lord and His ways first and then to leave the rest up to Him. Jesus knew that if God could take care of the sparrow, He can take care of us too.

Here is the key. Jesus took what he had and asked God to bless it. Maybe today we need to take inventory and ask God to bless what we have, to multiply it and use it for His glory.

The results are up to Him. Our job is to seek the Lord first, break the bread, distribute the fish and watch Jesus go to work as we all sit down and enjoy a Happy Meal.



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