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The highway honker

I recently experienced the mishap of a hitch pulling loose from my tow bar while pulling a trailer on a busy street.

Argh… stress city!

As I turned on my hazard lights I jumped out as I tried my best to hurry and not get smashed by traffic.

About that time, an old fella came blazing through pounding on his car horn.

I thought to myself, “What a jerk. Can’t he see I am in a tough spot here?”

As I got back on the road I saw the happy horn honker up ahead. I pushed on the accelerator and thought, “I’ll show him what it feels like to have a large truck with a cattle guard honking on his hind end as he pokes down the highway.”

The closer I got, a little reminder passed through my mind, “Isn’t your word for 2020, unoffendable?”

“Why yes it is, but this guy needs to learn a lesson about compassion and mercy that I am certain he needs, after 80 plus years of existence. I am about to deliver the intimidation guaranteed to facilitate such change due to my formidable and slightly forceful influence,” I thought to myself as his vanity plate came into view.

About the time I was about to lay on the horn and crush his bumper, I was reminded about perspective.

Was this old coot trying to give me a piece of his mind by blowing the bugle on his buggy or, just maybe, was he trying to save my life?

What if I had stepped back into traffic about the time he came driving past? What then?

My heart sank. He wasn’t trying to hurt me, he was trying to help me by sounding a much needed warning!

Oh man, what a life lesson. How many times has someone tried to help me and I reacted in such a way as to rebuff their loving rebuke?

How many times have others, by remaining silent, allowed me to stumble and fall into more harm than good?

As I drove past the unnamed ordinary neighborhood angel, I offered him a smile and a prayer of thanks for being the hometown unsung honking hero that spared the younger buck more trouble than he was prepared to endure.

Life is about perspective. It is easy to think the worst when in fact we might just be being spared from it.

My hope is now to follow the example of the highway honker and to start tooting my horn with a happy heart in hopes of paying it forward down the road of life.




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