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The Joseph Challenge

Regarding Joseph of the Old Testament, Pharaoh said, “He is a man who is obviously filled with the spirit of God.” (Gen. 41:38)


What makes a man obviously filled with the spirit of God?

What characteristics standout in his life?

What words would best describe him?

When people think of him what thoughts enter their minds?

From the 18 words below, pick nine you feel describe you best.

1. Love

2. Hate

3. Joy

4. Misery

5. Peace

6. Conflict

7. Patience

8. Frustration

9. Kindness

10. Harshness

11. Goodness

12. Meanness

13. Faithfulness

14. Disloyalty

15. Gentleness

16. Abruptness

17. Self-control

18. Unrestraint

Write down your answers before you proceed.

Do you see a pattern?

The odd numbered characteristics are what Galatians 5:22-23 describes as the fruit of the spirit. 

The even numbered words are just the opposite of the odd numbered words that precede them. 

All to often these oddly numbered characteristics are at odds with who I want to be. 

Now, just for fun, for every odd number you received, score yourself a 5 and for every even number, score yourself a 1. Add all the numbers together and divide by 9.

 What’s your score?

Based on the score key below, what does your score say about how you are perceived?

5 – obviously spirit filled

4 – likely spirit filled

3 – possibly spirit filled

2 – likely not spirit filled

1 – not spirit filled

My desire is to be a man like Joseph. I am afraid of the words those closest to me would choose to describe me.

Apart from him, my score is not likely to change. But with him and through him, I have a better chance. 

Ready for a real eye-opening challenge? 

Ask someone close to you to candidly pick the nine words from the list that describe you best. Now compare your score with theirs.

How did you do? Where are your areas that need improvement? What are your areas of strength?

The Joseph Challenge is something to think about and strive for everyday.

Take note of your score and see if and how things in your life may have improved in six months and even a year from now.



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