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The leap of friendship


When it comes to quality friendship, are you up to your ankles or in over your head?

Are you swimming on the surface or drowning in dysfunction?

Friendship is about doing cannon balls, navigating the rapids and cruising down the lazy river with your buddies.

The point? You are in it together. The ups and the downs. Sink or swim, you are in it — together.

Who are you in the water with?

It is never safe to swim alone or partner with those who drag you under. But one thing is for sure, if you are to find friendship, you are going to have to get wet.

Dipping your toe in the water or bouncing on the high-dive board doesn’t make you a swimmer.

When it comes to friendship, like swimming, you have to make a commitment, take the leap and jump in head first.

Come on in! The water’s fine! Take the leap to friendship.


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