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The Point of Poppins


What is the moral of Disney’s Mary Poppins?

Unless you are on your toes, you might just miss the moral of the popular book series and Disney blockbuster.

While popular with children and adults alike, the story is much more than an entertaining children’s story.

The story is full of fantasy, fun and fiction up until the hardworking, highly principled father learns the importance of family and value of the less fortunate.

Mr. Banks, as he is called, learns to be more involved with his wife and children. He learns the importance of spending time with them, talking with them, and investing his life in them. When he only takes interest in his work, his children get into trouble and even end up being brought home by the police. Plus, his wife was compelled to join social groups and other activities outside the home in order to feel significant, valued and important.

True is, when dad gets his priorities in order, his family comes together. In short: “When dad gets it right, the family is right”.

Sometimes we dads need someone to “pop in” to help us gain perspective.

Mary didn’t come to help the children. She came to rescue the father from himself.

Thanks Miss Travers and Mr. Disney for helping keep us on the right track!


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