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The morning after.

She waited, anticipated and contemplated the day that would come. At last the big day arrived. It was Christmas.

Expectations were high as she watched events unfold. All the planning, preparing and positioning was unfolding before her eyes. Things were playing out according to plan.

She kept an attentive eye out for possible detours that might throw things off course. Preventing potential deviations from altering the plan became her mission.

There were slight alterations to the flow of events but these only added to the excitement, adventure and smiles to her favorite day of the year.

As accomplishments were made and lists were checked, everything came to an end. Hearts were full and hopes were extended in anticipation of when there might be another day like today.

The morning after brought reflection as exhaustion was pacified by the rest that came by night. Satisfaction set in as the sacrifices that were made brought the reward of memories that would last a lifetime.

She had given the best of herself to those she loves. Her gifts, talents and abilities had been put on full display. The house had been decorated in detail as the perfect ambience was put into place. Each gift was hand selected and wrapped with each recipient in mind.

Favorite foods were made from scratch as the senses of those who partook were delighted in every way.

She made it all look easy as her beautiful ways and sense of style and fashion accented all that she had done. Those she adored were blessed not only by her presence and presents but her deep love and admiration for each and every one.

Her outpouring of love was not extended to highlight her abilities or demonstrate her expertise but rather to express her deepest desire to love those she cared for with all her heart.

She was grateful for the Lord who made it all possible. His blessings were extended through her willingness to spread joy, cheer and love.

If only for a day, the world was at peace. Hearts were made happy and relationships were nourished in the presence of love.

Such are the reflections of days gone by as she will forever cherish the precious memories of life together on the morning after.


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