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The Path

Where do you find yourself on the journey?

When it comes to insight for living, there are at least four paths to choose from.

As we mature we soon find ourselves either among the pavers, the rocks, the thorns or the fertile soil. The path we choose leads us to our destiny and definite outcomes.


Pavers find themselves on a footpath no doubt taken by others. The way ahead has been beaten down as the forerunners lead the way.

The pavers are followers. They follow the crowd. Rather than pave their own way, they take an easier path taken by those who prefer ease over excellence.

The enemy stands in the trail like a misguided sherpa, directing them down the easy trail of compromise and demise.


Rocks are up for more of an adventure. They are willing to take more risks. They live a little more on the edge as they explore possibilities that keep them chasing the next best thing, the greener grass or the next new high.

As thrill seekers, they never settle down enough to develop any depth. Always being on the go or on the run, they leave a wake and are unable to commit and settle in for the long haul. Relationships suffer. Life is mostly about them and little about us.

Their impatience and life along the bumpy road keeps them from planting and growing strong.


Thorns start out quick but they soon get stuck in the distractions of everyday life.

They have good intentions, they want to achieve success but the problems of life, the pursuit of prosperity and the pleasures that entice them, lures them away from their full potential.

They compromise. Good enough becomes good enough. Great will never be. Should’ve, could’ve and I wish I would’ve become catch phrases that describe their lives. They were meant for more but they just lack the energy, the little extra,  necessary to break free from the ordinary.

Thorns get stuck. The routine and rut of life ruins what might have been.


The fertile soil is committed to cultivating the environment necessary for growth.

Weeding, watering and caring for themselves takes work but the effort and toil pays off. The results are exponential. More is achieved than could ever be imagined.

Some might call it luck or being at the right place at the right time. But those living in the fertile soil know preparedness, discipline and grit are what produced the harvest.

They learned along time ago that we tend to reap what we sew. Their patience paid off.

They clung to the principles and teachings of Jesus. Despite challenges, hardships and temptations, they make it to the finish line satisfied with a life well lived. They weren’t perfect but they survived, thrived and lived to tell about it.

So, where are you? You still have time to decide the path you want to take. It is never too late until it’s, well, too late. The clock is ticking. It’s your life. It’s your time to live your life. How will you live it?

(Inspired by Luke 8:4-15)



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