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The Peddler of Broken Promises

“Results speak for themselves. They are void of smoke and mirrors. Since when is the truth not good enough? A person who constantly speaks of tomorrow as if it were today is nothing more than a spokesperson for deceit. They are a posturing peddler of broken promises. Good intentions follow in their wake. They are not a visionary but a con artist at best, a liar most of all.” –



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Truth is like a worm

Like the worm, the truth will eventually come out! The narrative makes sense. The pieces fit together. The storyline holds. But in reality, it is

When God Speaks

Methods are good. Discipline is good. Yet, if we aren’t on top of our game, we can come to rely on the predictable for clarity. 


Lackadaisical. What a funny word. The lackadaisical mindset is rooted in lacking. All too often we have a lacking mindset.  As believers, we are called

We are like the ole’ man.

The ole’ man jogged through the neighborhood like clock work all the time. His pursuit of longevity inspired by the hope to make a dime.

Ray Sanders Loo

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