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The Relationship Rater


Make a list of your immediate family and friends.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate each relationship.

With 10 being; it couldn’t be better and 1 being; it is in terrible shape.

Once you have rated each relationship, ask yourself two questions.

1. What can I do to make the relationship better?

2. What could the other person do to make the relationship better?

Make sure your answers follow the S.A.M. principle. Make sure the actions that need to take place are:


If your ideas for change do not meet all three of these criteria, then try harder to come up with ideas that do.

Now, take action.

Give some thought to your tact, timing and tone when implementing your side of the equation and then pray as to whether the actions you desire from the other person should be shared with them at some point. Once you do your part you may see them reciprocate, ask what they could do for you or you may ultimately decide your desired action from them is no longer needed.

Remember, actions speak louder than words and saying nothing but doing something might be the best approach of all.

One final thought.

Apply this same idea to your relationship with God

In fact, you might start there. Jesus said loving God and loving others as we love ourselves was the summation of His teaching on the law.

Don’t miss the loving yourself part. It’s hard to love others and God when you don’t love yourself. But once you realize how much God loves you and has a plan for your life, love becomes something that overflows into all of your relationships.

Hurt people often hurt people. Loving people, know they are loved and, well, you guessed it, they just can’t help but love on others, including themselves!

Good luck with your list.

I sense great things ahead for you and those you love!


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