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The Sleeping Stone

Are you squandering God’s blessing in your life? Are you misappropriating the gifts and talents God has given you? Sometimes we use what God gives us for the wrong reasons because we fail to realize the purpose for which they were intended. Jacob was using a rock as a sleeping stone. Talk about the perfect set up for a bad night’s sleep! Stones are not meant for pillows. Stones are meant for monuments of praise. (see Genesis 28)

God can turn a rough night’s sleep into a dream come true. He has the power to turn our dreams into reality. The key is to wake up from our stupor and embrace the blessing that is closer than we might realize. What should be obvious is often overlooked. 

To Jacob’s credit, he woke up and took what had been given to him and set things straight. Once he recognized the presence of God in his life he turns the pillow of stone upright and uses it as it was intended, as an opportunity to praise the Lord! He had failed to realize just how much the Lord was blessing him, walking with him and protecting him wherever he went. It took a pillow of stone to get his attention. 

Has God placed a sleeping stone beneath your head? Have you been too hard headed to notice he is working in your life? When we recognize the active presence of the Lord in our lives he turns pillows of stone into pillows of praise. All too often we underutilize the gifts and talents God has given us. We under estimate the work of God in our lives.  

Jacob was afraid and unaware. But he woke up and realized he was living beneath his potential. He was actually in an awesome place. He was surrounded by opportunity. Jacob was living in the presence of the Lord but overlooked the purpose for which he was called.

Are you sleeping on a pillow of stone? Are you overlooking what God has in store for your life? Perhaps today is your wake-up call. Maybe now is a turnaround time in your life. Take the stone from beneath your head. Recognize the potential God has given you. Set that stone upright. Repurpose the gifts you have been given and use them for the real purpose for which they were intended. When you do, you too will be living in Bethel, in the very presence of the living God!



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