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Time will tell.

Time will tell.

Are you making a difference?

Sometimes it is hard to know whether you are making a difference in the world.

Is all the effort, sacrifice and generosity worth it?

Truth is, only time will tell.

Growth isn’t always obvious.

Have you ever planted a tree and watched it grow? If you stand there looking at it, day in and day out, you aren’t likely to notice much of a change.

Move away, take a leave of absence give it a break, take a trip around the world for a few seasons and what are you likely to notice? Wow! That tree has really gotten big.

We are surrounded by saplings. We have an opportunity to nurture and invest in the growth of those around us. 

Like trees, people don’t often express a lot of appreciation for the effort you make and the care you provide.

So should you cut off the commitment to pour your life into the lives of those around you? Sure, why not. 

Why not? Well, because despite the lack of immediate feedback and obvious progress, your irrigation, fertilization and pruning is paying off, one day at a time. 

Every time you encourage, inspire affirm and love someone, you are adding rings of growth to their lives. You may not be able to immediately see the results but on the inside, a mighty work is taking place. Your investment is contributing to the betterment of a person and the world as a whole. You my friend are making a difference despite a lack of recognition, applause and praise. You are the reason the world is a better place.

Water on! Keep up the good work. You may not notice but we have you to thank for much of the good that is growing in the world.



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