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Tricky business

Believe it or not, not everyone has your best interest at stake, not even if they appear so.

There is a reason why consumer advocates proclaim, “Buyer beware!”

Trickery is alive and well. Simply put, things aren’t always as they appear to be. Friendships, good deals, strategic partners, ingredients, headlines and advertisements say one thing yet produce another.

Don’t be so naive, not everyone’s motives are as pure as spring water. There are plenty of hucksters and conmen out there peddling Kool Aid and propogating falsehood.

Rooted in selfish ambition, these so called, prophets of truth, are in fact in pursuit of power, prestige, position and money! They are looking out for number one and you and I need to make sure we know who has Uno on their jersey.

These smooth talkers lure us in with deceptive kindness, manipulative offerings and apparent acceptance. As they cast their spell we are lured into their web of entrapment. If we aren’t careful we will get burned because we failed to discern. There is real danger in believing everything you hear. Knowing the truth sets you free from entrapment.

Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me. Why are we so gullible? Perhaps we are just too lazy to check the source, test the spirit or read the fine print. Regardless, if we aren’t careful, we will way over pay in more ways than one.

We have to see through the trickery! Such is not a call for paranoia but rather awareness. It is not always easy to see things for what they are. We need to slow down, think it through, ponder a bit, check our emotions and then apply a healthy dose of discernment to our decision making.

The magician’s cry is a great reminder when it comes to discerning the truth, “Now you see it and now you don’t.”  Sleight of hand is alive and well and reaches far beyond pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

The next time you are in a position to consider buying into something that just seems too good to be true, consider it as a sign that it probably is! We need to be as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. We need to be nice but not naive!

Everyone wants a good deal and we always want to be frugal and thrifty. Unfortunately, there are others who play on this desire and are shady and shifty.

It is hard not to get burned. But when we learn to discern, we shine the light on a lot of tricky business.

(Inspired by Luke 20:20-26, Matthew 10:16, I John 4:1 and John 8:32)



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