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Truth is like a worm

Like the worm, the truth will eventually come out!

The narrative makes sense. The pieces fit together. The storyline holds. But in reality, it is false. It is not as it seems. It is conjured, shaped and manipulated to create a persona. It is a false reality.

In false reality, perceptions and beliefs do not align with the facts. We can believe and recall what we believe to be true but what is and was is not bound by our belief, it is bound by truth.

False realities are often slow to develop. They are in many ways utilized as a protective mechanism to shield us from real reality. 

Real reality is not dependent upon perception, opinion or conjecture. Real reality needs no twisting, smoke or mirrors. With real reality, the light of day shines brightly revealing the truth of the matter. 

One may appear to be a reliable witness until others have spoken and the story is complete. Tidbits and half truths have a way of fostering false narratives. 

Real reality can be brutal. It can also be beautiful. False reality is fake, flawed and a feeble way to live and cope with life. 

Looking in the mirror, no one else may know but when we remove the facade, we know the reflection we see harbors the fool. Our deception, manipulation and propaganda may have influenced other people’s perceptions, beliefs and behaviors but we know, even though they may not, they have been fooled by a false reality. You can’t always believe what you see and hear.

Let’s get real. Let’s trust but verify. Let’s look into the other side of the matter. We owe it to ourselves to seek and gain a full perspective before drawing conclusions and taking the bait. 

We only have our senses and cognitive abilities to help us filter the narrative noise as we search for the truth. We are limited and lack the ability to read minds or call on instant replay. Nonetheless, truth can be found when we allow ourselves to be honest with ourselves and others.

False reality utilizes manipulation, misinterpretation, misinformation, naivety, gullibility, vulnerability, ignorance, trust, fabrication and lies to propagate a mere perspective that is unfounded on truth.

Real reality is verifiable, rooted in fact, has nothing to hide and is founded on truth.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t take everything at face value. Check under the hood. Trust your gut and don’t allow yourself to confuse perception with reality. Be honest with yourself and others. 

Resist the urge to polish the apple. Don’t cover up the worm hole with a plug. Let the truth speak for itself. Let it out and reveal what is likely rotting the apple at the core. After all, like the worm, the truth will eventually come out!


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