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Until forever becomes a reality

Blessed to see all my kids under one roof for a little while tonight. Don’t think I don’t realize how special this is. As James Taylor sang, “Shower the people you love with love. Tell them the way you feel.” Every minute counts when every minute matters. Some how a wish I could capture time in bottle, hold each and everyone of them close until forever becomes a reality. I’m blessed to love and be loved. The open road calls in the morning and the memory of their faces, laughter, tender touches, soft hair and sweet voices will linger in my mind until the business of life distracts me for yet a while and the stillness of the night brings me back to the place in my mind where we were together enjoying nothing more than the company of the other’s presence. Oh the joy of meeting and being together. Until then I count the miles and make the most of everyday as the clock ticks and the time between our visits shrinks. Though never guaranteed, I hope for many more days like today. Bitter sweet days that I wish would never end.


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