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Until then …

When will your time come?

How will you go out?

What day of the week will it be?

What hour of the day will your heart beat its last?

Will it be an accident or health that has given out?

Will there be lingering regrets or loads of gratitude?

Will you desire more time or will you be ready to discover what is on the other side of the here and now?

Will you be alone?

Will you be missed?

Who will hear your final words?

How will you be remembered?

Although your life comes complete with an expiration date, the memory others have of you will live on in the hearts and minds of those you encountered.

There is a time and a place where you will make your exit.

The road between here and there could take longer than you might expect but will likely be shorter than you can imagine.

Others will have gone before you and others are certain to follow.

You need not fret or worry about the exact time or the hour. Doing so will only make whatever time you do have left less worth living.

Take hold of today. Embrace it. Take it for all it has to offer. It could be your last. But more than likely, it will be tomorrow or someday thereafter.

Until then, don’t give it much thought but live like you have.

Why worry about tomorrow when you can live in the wonder of today?


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