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Unwanted Marble

Here is the honest truth. Not everyone likes you. Sorry to break the news but there are people who you simply rub the wrong way.

But you know the truth as well. There is plenty about you not to like. Nobody is perfect and there is a reason people don’t enjoy being on the other side of you.

So what are we to do? Ask them to deal with it? Or would it be better to constantly seek their approval? Truth is, there isn’t much we can do about it other than acknowledge that they make some pretty good points about who we are and then, with God’s help, seek to be the man we want to be.

When we do, we won’t be the man we were and we will be closer to the man we hope to be. Perfect? Be real. We all suffer from a dark side.

Don’t excuse your faults. Don’t discount the pain you have caused or ignore the backside of your tapestry. It’s ugly. And it’s the only side of you that some people see.

The only way you will convince them to take a deeper look at who you are is to keep knitting together the work of art that God wants you to become.

It’s true. God isn’t finished with you yet. Lean on him. Admit when you are wrong and then get back to being the best you, you can be.

We serve a God of second chances. Maybe it’s time we give someone in our lives a second chance. Perhaps there is someone who needs to cut us some slack as well.

Either way, none of us can claim everyone thinks we are great. Truth is, we’re not.

Let’s focus more on helping each other up than tearing each other down.

Let’s lead with a ton of mercy and grace. When we do, love will follow. The tapestry will turn and the beautiful side of who we are will be all that remains.

For sure the dark side will always be there and our backside will be exposed from time to time but as love overlooks a multitude of sins we will find ourselves appreciating the wonder of it all, creatures created in the image of God. He is in the process of creating a masterpiece with each of our lives. Please be patient. God isn’t finished yet.

Works of art take time. The sculpture of King David, by Michelangelo, was once nothing more than a piece of unwanted marble. Did you catch that? Unwanted marble. Michelangelo saw the potential of what could be. He took a chance and with the tap of the chisel shaved away the ugly in order to reveal what was hidden beneath.

Sculptures are messy to create. But in the end, no one can help but wonder how the artist took something so hard, so plain, so basic and even incredibly ugly and turned it into an amazing, mouth-dropping display of what can be when submitted to the Master’s hand.

You and I are often rejected as unwanted marble. It’s true, we really are ugly ducklings. But in the right hands and with the right heart we can stand as an example of something only God can create. We become beautiful when touched and led by the Master’s hand.



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