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Use less or useless?

Use less or useless?
The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too much, use less.”
Use less? The more the merrier. Right?  The bigger the better? Am I tracking? Well … I hate to break the news but God loves using less to accomplish more. We have a choice, use less or be useless!
So how does that work? If you haven’t figured it out yet God’s mode of operandi is counter intuitive! His ways are not our ways.
When God picks players He always picks the underdog. Think about it, God’s spokesman, Moses, stuttered, God’s mighty hero, Gideon, was from the weakest clan and was the original Chicken Little, King David was the runt in the family. Then there was Jesus, can anything good come from Nazareth? He is the son of a carpentar, Mary’s boy. You know the so called, “Virgin Mary.”
God loves flexing His muscles with less. Why? We see the answer in God’s reply to Gideon. Gideon had assembled an army of more than 30,000 warriors. Talk about being over budget! God had 300 in mind. What? Gideon was off by more than 100 times! 
I can only imagine how the conversation between Gideon and The Lord went. “Look “G-man” I’m the the big “G” and you are the little “g.” You want 30,000. I’m thinking more like 300. You have seemed to have forgotten that Me plus one is the majority. If I let you jump out there with 30,000 bad mothers, who is going to get the credit? Let’s go with 300 and kick some real amazing booty!”
Give Gideon credit. He went with the plan! He must have been a man the men were truly willing to follow. Can you say, budget cut! Talk about downsizing. In reality it was a Godsizing!
We all know how the story ends. Gideon trusted the Lord to use less and his little band of brothers was anything but useless! They kicked tail!
So how about you? Are you worried about the little that you have? Have you forgotten that your big “G” turns water into wine? He takes a few fish and loaves and feeds an entire town. He keeps adding oil to the jar. He parts seas, brings water from rocks, heals the sick, sets the captives free, brings sight to the blind, heals broken hearts, restores relationships, stretches budgets, conquers death and provides abundant life.
Yeah, I think God’s got this. Don’t concern yourself with what you don’t have. Rather, remember God is a God who uses less and when He does it is never useless. Give what you have to Him and get ready to see Him do His stuff. For Him a little is a lot and a great opportunity to do big things in a small way. 


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