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We are like the ole’ man.

The ole’ man jogged through the neighborhood like clock work all the time. His pursuit of longevity inspired by the hope to make a dime.

His pace eventually slowed but his resilience failed him not. The jog became a walk with a waddle and a trot.

Today the streets are quieter. His presence but a memory from the past, as the path he once took, is covered by the legacy he hoped would last. 

The hurst that drove him out, was the last to lead him on, as he turned the corner on this life in pursuit of longevity foregone.

We are like the ole’ man. We run a record pace. We hurry and we scurry with little time to waste. 

Eventually we slow our speed and look to where we’ve been, as now within our sights, comes the bitter end. 

So wake up now each morning, lace up those running shoes. Head out the door in pursuit of life, until you have nothing left to do.

You are like the ole’ man. Your run will eventually take its toll. Your pace will slow as your body crumbles and leads you down a hole.

Your soul will keep on running in heaven or in the dreaded heat. The choices you make on this life’s track will determine which ending you will meet.

Push a little harder and get it while you can. But take some time to take it in and consider where you’ve been. 

The closer to the end you get the faster the finish comes. Don’t spend all your time seeking longevity. Remember to have some fun.


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