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When darkness reigns

The moment when darkness reigns is the darkest hour of all. Hope fades. Confidence dwindles. Energy drains. The enemy has won. The agony of defeat weighs heavy as the reality of losing what we had been fighting for slips painfully through our fingers.

The reign of darkness takes many forms. The loss of a job, the untimely death of a loved one, the regretted doctor’s report, the tragic accident, financial ruin, moral failure and perhaps worst of all, betrayal by someone closest to us, each is a reminder that we are not in control. We are subject to circumstances and forces that appear to come out of no where. Life changes in a moment and before we know it, everything turns dark. Darkness reigns. Life is hard.

The thought of surviving escapes us. Holding on to die another day seems impossible. We are crushed, devastated and distraught.

Yet somehow, whether by way of the time that heals all wounds or the numbness that has overcome us, this is something we get through. We find a way to remember, darkness reigns but only for a moment, not forever.

If for nothing else, the Lord’s people are known for come backs. For centuries he has gained a reputation for using all things to bring about better outcomes for underdogs. What darkness intended for evil, he rewires, reignites and repurposes for the greater good.

No one looks forward to dark, ugly and painful days.  Try as we might to avoid them they run us down and run us over but they don’t have to ruin our lives. We can prevail. We can rise above it and we can use it in ways we never dreamed possible.

When you find yourself looking up from the bottom of the pit, keep looking up. Don’t give in and don’t give up. Your lowest moment may very well be the launching pad for a new beginning, a greater purpose and a life full of meaning despite your darkest hour.

(Inspired by Luke 22:47-53)



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