When the time is right.

When the time is right.

Is it time to harness or hold your horses?

Hold your fire or release your fury?

Timing is everything.

The key is to be prepared and to think before you act.

Reflect before you react.

Sometimes the best response is no response. An immediate action may be the impulse but upon better review, holding your fire might actually produce a better outcome. Waiting may very well lead to winning. Wait for it!

Other times immediate action is essential. The opportunity may pass or the danger may prove fatal if you are lax, lazy or apathetic. The paralysis of analysis could prove fatal. Experience, wisdom and understanding make when to take action more obvious. Sometimes it’s time to go for it and go for it now!

So which is it? Now or later? It depends. The key is preparedness and thoughtfulness. Be alert. Don’t get caught off guard. Be ever ready. Stay on your watch and when the time comes, you will know when the time is right.

(Inspired by Jeremiah 46:4)


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