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Who am I?

I am laid over at Stephanie and I’s favorite airport. LOVE Field. Get it? 

Anyway, I need to grab lunch before my flight departs. And there it is! Chick-fil-A!!! As usual the line is long but worth it because they are on top of their game.

To move things along, they don’t give you a number they ask for your name. Love it!

So here is how it goes down.

CFA TEAM MEMBER: “How may I serve you?”

ME: “A number one combo with a Coke Zero.”

CFA TEAM MEMBER: “Your name please?”

ME: “I Am Blessed.”

CFA TEAM MEMBER: “I Am Blessed?”

ME: “That’s right. I Am Blessed.”

CFA TEAM MEMBER: “Okay! Me too”

… fast forward as CFA TEAM MEMBER calls out my name once order is ready…..


ME: “Can you say that again?”


ME: “One more time?”

CFA TEAM MEMBER: “I Am Blessed.”

And now the whole CFA Team with smiles gets in on it: “I Am Blessed!”

Customers and team all smile and look at me.

CFA TEAM MEMBER: (hands me my order and leans in to say with a smile) “Thank you.”

ME: “My pleaser!” (You knew that was coming!!!)

Have fun out there! Be blessed and do your best to make people smile! As for me? I am blessed!


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