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Who can you trust?

Who can you trust?

People are messy, difficult, selfish, mean, rude, dishonest, lazy, ungrateful, arrogant, clueless, scary, evil, indifferent, apathetic, forgetful, greedy, nasty, perverted, senseless, stupid, sneaky, hurtful, betrayers, disappointing, wasteful, crooked, double minded, deceitful, neglectful, and untrustworthy. You get the idea. 

Jesus understood human nature. He knew people couldn’t be trusted but he loved them anyway. He knew people’s hearts. Yet, he loved them all the same.

Why Jesus loved them is hard to understand, but it is not hard to be grateful when you find your weaknesses on the naughty list.

People are a pain but they are also capable and able to do amazing things when they lead with love. 

What are we to do with this insight? Criticize? Critique? Judge? Condemn? Reject? Accept? Tolerate? Accommodate? While the choices are many, one choice is clear, we are to love. Love is to be our response and responsibility.  

Loving doesn’t always come easy. Loving doesn’t mean compromising the truth or giving into hate. Love trusts and verifies. Love stands strong, sometimes is tough, but always wins. 

When those around you serve as a reminder of all that is wrong in the world, try your best to remember to be the change you want to see. Be a light in the darkness. Stand on the foundation of love and lean into the mess knowing things only get better when we start with ourselves and where we are.

Who can you trust? The list is short but it does include the Lord. He is trustworthy. He can be counted on even when we, and the human kind, are less than our best. Trust him and his ways.

(Inspired by John 2:23-25)



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