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Worth it?

Winning on and off the field requires life and work harmony.

Sadly, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have announced they are divorcing after 13 years of marriage.

Brady, 45, had retired from the NFL in February, only to later reverse that decision.

Based on comments from his podcast below, it becomes pretty clear that work has a way of affecting life.

Given Brady’s recent series of loses with his NFL team, one has to recognize the impact life has on work.

Life and work require harmony to do well. Winning at home is just as important as winning at work. Neither is easy but both are worth it.

In a recent conversation on his podcast, Brady talked about some of the personal costs of playing in the NFL for two decades.

“I haven’t had a Christmas in 23 years and I haven’t had a Thanksgiving in 23 years, I haven’t celebrated birthdays with people that I care about that are born from August to late January. And I’m not able to be at funerals and I’m not able to be at weddings,” Brady said. “I think there comes a point in your life where you say: ‘You know what? I’ve had my fill and it’s enough and time to go on, to move into other parts of life.'”

It is hard to imagine that any job would be worth the sacrifice that the Brady family has endured. We can only hope that somehow reconciliation for the family can be found.

It may not be Monday night football that keeps us from our family but long hours at work, cold dinners, cell phone interruptions and the inability to not be distracted by work obligations has the same net effect that the Brady family is suffering. We have to unplug and choose to be in the moment with those we are working so hard to care for.

No one ever says on their death bed that they wish they could have spent more time at the office. Something tells me Tom Brady is starting to wonder if coming out of retirement was really worth it.

We may never know the full story but we can learn from it either way.

Set some boundaries between life and work. It may not show up in your paycheck, but quality time with those you love will be worth it!


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