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You might have a smart phone addiction if:

You get a hug and continue to check the latest statuses on your smart phone.

You now where your phone is more than your kids, car keys or spouse.

You check your phone for information every 5-10 minutes.

You cannot go to bed, the bathroom or walk across the room without your smart phone.

Your smart phone usage has irritated a significant other.

You conduct conversation while looking at your smart phone.

You aren’t sure what to do with yourself if for some reason you are without your smart phone.

You think more about checking on your smart phone then you do people in your life.

When at a table with others you maintain a hands in lap, head down prayer phone position.

The number of likes on your latest status effects your happy indicator.

Answering or seeing who is calling or texting interrupts conversations with those you are with in person.

You are always checking you battery life and have either considered or have purchased an extended smart phone battery device.

Your wrist actually burns from time to time from holding your smart phone so long.

The first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is check your smart phone.

You could never imagine completely powering off your smart phone.

You don’t wear gloves in the freezing cold because you are not able to activate your touch screen.

You have nearly had more than one traffic mishap peeking and poking at your smart phone while driving.

You have sat in a room with family and friends and when you looked up realized everyone was together but looking down at their smart phones.

You have been irritated when the buzzing vibration from someone’s smart phone signaled a false alarm for you to check your smart phone.

A familiar ring has you reaching for your smart phone.

You have experienced phantom vibrations that you thought was a call on your smart phone.

You have been the passenger in a vehicle and spent equal or more time checking you smart phone than having a conversation with the driver.

If you had to choose your smart phone or miss a meal, your smart phone wins.

If you took the time to read this list on your smart phone, there is a real good chance you have a serious smart phone addiction that is likely hindering, ruining or even destroying an otherwise healthy and important relationship.

Lets do the smart thing and set reasonable limits on how we use our “dumb” phones.

Holster it or it will hold you hostage.


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